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No.1 The Ocean

Gold, blue gold
the Ocean, clear and cold.
Plastics, nets and runoff
how much carbon can she can hold

Salt, salty smell
the currents sparkling swell
hypoxia, toxins and greed
what will become of a tiny shell

Life, cradle of life
and maker of strife.
Bombs, ships and oil
biological diversity, once so rife

No. 2 Into dust

Still fading
energy dissipating
Once order
now chaos
imploding stars
into dust
we are
but entropy
slowly degrading

Mother, I am still falling
just like before no stalling
just like before no rest
Under your gravity

Still changing
heat increasing
Once savanna
now desert
moist evaporating
into dust
it is
but entropy
slowly fading

No. 3 Without escape

I feel the ground below me shaking
I feel a shiver down my spine
I feel there is trouble in the making
I feel I will lose what is mine

Don’t leave me with this devastation
Don’t lie and give me false hesitation
I must leave this awful place

I hear the furious arctic wind howling
I hear the waters around me rising
I hear a thousand hungry beasts prowling
I hear the darkest of hearts arising

Don’t you dare preach about hope
Don’t assume ordinary people can cope
I must go into the shadows

I fear every sanctuary is now a ruin
I fear the grass will stop growing
I fear massive wildfires will do us in
I fear mighty rivers will stop flowing

Oh don’t tell me
Don’t waste my time with despair
Don’t pollute the last precious air
I must, but cannot leave

No. 4 A mother's revenge

Fever, blinded fever
there is no larger truth,
than nothing lasts forever.
What unites us in our youth
the hunger for more,
let's use believe the myth, how clever

Idol, dark idol
But life is old and unstable,
sudden changes and suicidal.
Mother of jealousy, Medea, is able
no intrinsic goodness
like all else, comes and goes, is tidal

Hot, burning hot
As eruptions of basalt volcanoes
we swarm this blue dot.
Trying to avoid potential tornadoes
but seeping sulfur is a slow poison,
the smell of rot, will come, whether we like it or not

No. 4 Dark force

Mythical creatures in darkness
sweeping by
you wish to harness
this essence of my...

Yet you do not know
dangerous force
of time, and its flow
passing by, I endorse

Vitality, frogs and poisons
strange mind
laughing at funny voices
fearing, you'll go blind

Lingering, how bitter sweet
the end
hungering for more
let us stay and pretend

I am your worst nightmare
for reasons
you wouldn't know, if you dare
I am nature, with seasons

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