Who dominates the Baltic Sea?

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Clashing powers with no common sense

Despite the fact that humanity is standing at the edge of total chaos from life threatening problems such as; climate change, severe water scarcity, rapid loss of biodiversity, steadily rising resource costs and erosion of democracy, Russia and the U.S. (NATO) are showing off their guns over the Baltic Sea. 

Russian fighter jets flew dangerously close to a U.S. army vessel on international waters outside of Kaliningrad, displaying Russia's dominance over the Baltic Sea according to expert opinion in SVD

The whole story pisses me off. Firstly, what reason is there to fight over the Baltic Sea if not for resources, mainly oil shipping? Take your fighting somewhere else, we Swedes and Finns just want to be left alone. 

Secondly, how can Russia with the collapsed oil prices or the US with a mountain of bad debt afford to be playing with ships and jets willy nilly? It's just a waste of resources that could have been spent on fixing some of the many social or ecological ills that now plague both societies. It's not as if they can afford escalating into an armed conflict, the nuclear threat is still real on both sides. 

Thirdly, fearmongering tends to lead people towards stupid decisions. Perhaps Finland and Sweden eventually fully joins NATO (wasting even more resources), or a pilot makes a bad call escalating tensions further. 

Instead of facing our resource problems head on it looks like humanity has decided to use physical force when meddling through stops working. A winner takes all type of strategy. But much of Earth's wealth is already plundered so the costs probably overweighs the gains by now. 


Out of the ashes into the fire

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